which country uses the most polythene in the world?

use of polythene in the world



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    Virtual certainty that it is the US. The US uses the most of almost everything – there are exceptions, of course; China passed the US as the leading copper consumer in 2002. But for hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon products like polyethylene, almost certainly the US.

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    Overall, there’s so much polythene (plastic) in EVERYTHING produced and consumed that tracking it is a near impossible project. Using plastic bags as a barometer, China consumes over a trillion bags a year, compared to some 100 billion by the US — both at the cost of billions of dollars.

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    More facts on plastic bag use in China:

    • Prior to a ban on supermarkets and vendors from giving free plastic bags less than 0.025 millimeters thick, it was estimated that 3 billion plastic bags were used daily in China.
    • After a review, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently announced that supermarkets had reduced plastic bag usage by 66% since the ban came into effect last June.
    • The China Chain Store and Franchise Association also did an analysis of the effect on the ban. It reported that foreign-born supermarkets reduced plastic bag usage by 80% and local markets, 60%.
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