Which country spends the most money?



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    I can’t tell you who spends the most money as a single lump sum.  My guess is that it’s either China or the United States.  Because China has a state run economy, they have to invest a large portion of their gross GDP, which is around $10,090,000,000,000, into their economy. 

    However, I can tell you which country spends the most money as a percentage of their GDP.  Zimbabwe tops that list, they spend roughly 98% of their GDP.  Cuba is second, because they are a communist country, they have consistently spent around 78% of their GDP.  The third highest percentage spenders is a three way tie between Denmark, France, and Sweden at 52%.

    Last year, the United States spent 38.9% of their GDP, but considering the United States is the richest country in the world with a GDP of $14,660,000,000,000, they are surely in contention for the highest spender worldwide.

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