Which country produces the most solar energy technology and equipment?



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    According to Time, Germany is the leader in the solar industry. The government offers subsidies, which has spurred investors and purchasers to delve into solar power.

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    Germany produces 40% of the world’s solar power, and houses most of the solar companies in the world. This was helped achieved by the German government providing incentives for solar energy use, and heavily punishing companies that did not. No other country has even produced 20% of the world’s solar power, which makes 40% quite an impressive amount for Germany. Germany also has many universities and institutions devoted to the research of solar energy, striving to make it more efficient and effective.

    Other countries that are top providers of solar energy are:

    Spain, Japan, and The United States..to name a few.

    You can find a list of the top 10 countries using solar energy here:


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