Which country produces the most power using nuclear power?



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    The United States of America is the proud producer of the most nuclear power in the world. 109 reactors produce around 10,000 megawatts of energy. For a country with over 300 million people this is about a megawatt for every 30,000 people. 

    France on the other hand produces 58,000 megawatts using 56 reactors. The population of France is only about 60 million, meaning a megawatt for roughly every 10,000 people. Per capita France blows everyone else on the planet out of the water when it comes to nuclear power production.

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    The US produces the most nuclear power world-wide with 104 reactors (according to Forbes).  19.4% of our electricy is nuclear powered.  France follows the United States with 59 reactors.  78.1% of their electricity is from nuclear reactors.  Japan comes in third with 55 reactors and 30% of electricy being produced from nuclear power.  

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    Adding on to mcoffey’s answer, France is the only country whose energy sector production favors nuclear power.  With more than 75% of their power coming from nuclear sources, France’s nuclear share of their country’s energy sector is the largest of any country.

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    After witnessing the consequences of nuclear power in Japan, I find the United States’ reliance on the energy source to be almost scary. Especially since nuclear power won’t last forever, we are going to need to find alternative and more sustainable sources of energy!

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