Which country produces maximum methane?



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    It looks like the US, Canada and Russia all produce upwards of 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.  Methane is considered one of the primary natural gases. 

    Methane production has doubled since 1750, and may actually double again within the next forty years.

    Livestock “release” methane gas into the atmosphere.  There are other sources, as well.  But the fact remains — each cow, sheep, goat, camel and buffalo contributes to greenhouse gasses each time it, while, passes gas.

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    Russia produces the most methane emissions of any recorded country. In 2008, Russia’s total methane emissions was calculated at at CO2 equivalent of 374,489 Gg (gigagrams). The US produces about 60% of that, while China’s emissions are not recorded by the UNFCCC.

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