Which country has the worst record with nuclear exposure?



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    The country with the worst nuclear disaster is Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union. In 1986, the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl exploded from a sudden buildup of steam and pressure. The explosion spewed approximately 5% of the radioactive core into the atmosphere, irradiating the surrounding area including the city of Pripiyat. A city of 45,000 the city of Pripiyat was completely evacuated and is now an abandoned ghost town. A 30km exclusion zone was set up around the reactor, which was eventually filled with concrete to seal it. Two people died from the explosion with an additional 28 dying from acute radiation poisoning. Later studies suggested that thousands of people had been affected by the radiation as well, including increased rates of cancer.

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    While I admit that this is based on no research at all, I would find it reasonable to say that Japan has the worst record with nuclear exposure considering the two nukes America dropped on them after WWII.  However, with exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants as well as nuclear weapons testing, it would almost be equally reasonable to claim that Ukraine may have seen the worst after the Chernobyl incident.  For an answer to this question, one would need to take a nation’s exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants, nuclear weapon testing, as well as testing in neighboring nations all into account before determining which has the worst record.

    Nevertheless, my vote goes to Japan; it was radiation and a city destroyed X2.

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