Which country has the most vampire power usage?



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    I couldn’t find a specific answer to this question and I’m not sure the statistics of “vampire load” have ever been compared by country. My guess would be the United States, because we are generally the world’s #1 consumer user of power, and we also have the largest number of “gadgets” such as cell phones, laptops and power adapters that spend most of their time in a standby mode without being really switched off.┬áThe stats I could find aren’t directly comparative but they show the magnitude of the problem: there are 3.7 billion standby appliances in the European Union; in the USA approximately 5% of our national residential electricity consumption goes to standby power uses; in Britain, it’s 8%, and France 7%. As is usual with these sorts of statistics, China will probably be the front-runner in a few years; the only reason they aren’t yet would be that the distribution of “gadgets” that draw vampire load isn’t yet as widespread in their population as it is in the United States and Europe.

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