Which country has the most stable population?



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    Tough question, without being more specific. One thing that’s studied is the total fertility rate. That’s somewhat like measuring how many children an average family is likely to have.

    “Stable” in the context of your question might mean: In what countries does a couple have about 2 children? That’s Canada, Australia, China, Russia and a fair part of Europe.

    But that’s not quite the same as asking which population is most stable. It doesn’t include war or immigration, etc. 

    Then there’s the question of: What difference does it make? Ecologists tend to see overpopulation as bad, but there are countries that have recently had declining birth rates that are very alarmed about their situation! In recent years both France and Russia have given cash incentives to couples to have more children. And of course in the United States, they do something of the same: children’s education for their early years is paid by the government, and the IRS gives a tax break to those who raise children.

    So more children, or fewer isn’t necessarily “better”.

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