Which country has the most people living in poverty?



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    “Poverty” is defined through the socioeconomic status of a person, their living conditions, and the amount of food and water they have and not to mention the education levels. Something that goes unnoticed is that poverty is also a mental state, or at the very least a mental inclination to perceive a country as “poor” because of the aforementioned conditions, however if instead of perceiving these countries as “poor” we would take notice to observe them in a more humane way perhaps it would be possible that further action could be taken to help them out, to aid their growth from inside out. Another factor is that “poverty” is based on comparison based also on revenue made for the country and obtained income. We measure all of these things through tactics and come up with lists that measure “Gross national income per capita” which the Human Development Index would describe Zimbabwe as the lowest, as you can see through the link provided.

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    According to Indux Mundi, the countries with the highest percentages of people living below the poverty line are Chad, Haiti, and Liberia all of which are 80%.

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    Well, according to multiple sources, including Nationmaster.com, about 25% of India’s population is living under the “poverty line.” According to the CIA’s World Factbook, 1,189,172,906 people live in India as of July 2011. Therefore, about 297,293,226 people are living below the “poverty line” in India. The latter number exceeds the population of almost all but a few countries in the world. Therefore, India is almost certainly the country with the greatest number of “impoverished” citizens.

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