Which country has the most eco tourists?



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    I thought this question was going to be easy to answer, but it’s very difficult to pin down any one particular destination as more popular than another–probably because every significant eco-tourist destination in the world wants to hype itself as “the best” and “the most popular” because it’s in their interest to drive more visitors toward them. It also depends on what you consider “eco-tourism.” Beyond the paradigm of environmentally-minded young people backpacking to Madagascar to see lemurs or Uganda to take pictures of gorillas, does a U.S family on a weekend trip to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful count as an example of eco-tourism? If yes, the United States would probably rank #1, both in terms of sites visited as well as generating visitors to other places for purposes of seeing environmental attractions. Other popular world destinations, at least in terms of the sector of their economy dependent upon environmental tourism, Kenya, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Eduador, Nepal and South Africa would probably be on the list. What we do know is that eco-tourism is a big industry: it’s valued at over $473 billion a year and it’s been growing 20%-30% per year during the 2000s, with environmental tourism growing at a far greater rate than tourism for other reasons.

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