Which country has the most diverse range of ecosystems?



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    The US may be able to claim that prize, between the tropics of Hawaii, frozen tundra and pine forests of Alaska, Great Plains of the midwest, dramatic terrain of the Rocky Mountains, chaparral and beaches of California, deserts of the southwest, and the deciduous forests of the east.

    Other very diverse countries can be found on the west coast of South America, since several contain the Andes Mountains, tropical rainforests (the most diverse single type of ecosystem), and warm beaches. Ecuador, in addition to these regions, has the Galapagos islands, one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet.

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    The most diverse ecosystems are found in tropical rain forests, and you will most likely find the geatest diversity in South America, particularly in Equador and the surrounding areas that make up the Amazon. These areas are densely packed with various types of plant, animal, and underwater life; the soils are rich and versatile but also vary depending on location, rain frequency, and sunlight.

    As far as marine life goes, the Philippine Islands are believed to be the home of the most diverse sea life.

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