Which country has the largest oil reserves in the world?



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    Saudi Arabia with 262 billion barrels, followed by Canada (175 billion, includes tar sands), Iran (137 billion), Iraq (115 billion), Kuwait (104 billion), Venezuela (99 billion), United Arab Emirates (97 billion).

    Note that reserves are estimates. The numbers above, from the Energy Info Admin in the link, do not necessarily agree with nations’ own estimates, which for many years in many Middle Eastern countries have not changed despite production of billions of barrels and essentially no new discoveries.

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    Oil reserves are quantified in two different ways. They are both measured by barrels remaining, but one is by barrels per oil reserve density in relation to land area and the other is measured by quantity of barrels regardless of land area. 

    Kuwait has the most oil reserves per kilometer squared. Saudi Arabia has the most oil reserves by quantity (barrels).  This infographic aids in making my explanation a little clearer:Top 5 Middle East Oil Reserves -


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