Which country has the largest electric car charging network?



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    The country that first sold hybrid cars was Japan. In 1997, Japan sold their first hybrid vehicles. I would consider Japan to have the largest electric car charging network, because they were the frist to sell hybrid cars. Their cars started to explode around 2008. Currently, the toyota prius and hybrids are demanded everywhere, around this time Japan’s networking is increasing too. Too much supply demand increases Japan’s electric car charging network. 

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    The United States currently has the largest electric car charging network with 5,084 (see link for details) charging stations as of January 9th 2012. However, 2012 is poised to be a huge year for the electric car. Countries across the world have huge plans to expand the number of charging stations and the U.S. may not be in the lead for long. There are some interesting plans in various countries such as converting telephone booths to charging stations in Madrid, charging stations at parks in the Netherlands and a vast “Park and Charge” network through out Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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    More specifically, charging stations have been developed along the west coast of the United States. California, Oregon, and Washington are known for having electric car charging stations all along I-5. Tennessee also has a good network of charging stations. However, charging stations are virtually absent in the middle of the United States in places like Iowa, Wyoming, Kansas, etc. This is why auto manufacturers only offered electric cars for sale in certain states when they first came off the production lines.

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    Currently, the largest network in Europe is being built in Estonia and should be operational by December of this year.

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