Which country has the largest ecological footprint?



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    This question would probably take a team of scientists years to figure out. The size of a person or country’s “ecological footprint” is determined by many factors, some of which we probably are not even aware of. It’s relatively easy to measure a certain type of pollution such as carbon dioxide but it’s difficult to include every type of pollution that a country creates. Per person, the United States produces the most CO2 and it’s likely that is also true for most major types of pollution.

    This map shows CO2 emissions by changing the size of each country to reflect the relative amount of CO2 it produces.

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    According to data from the World Wildlife Fund, residents of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had the world’s largest ecological footprints. If everyone lived like the residents of those countries, 4.5 Earths would be needed to sustain our lifestyle!

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    An ecological footprint takes many different aspects into consideration. If we are just talking about CO2 output, China has the most emissions. If we are discussing per capita CO2 output, the United States takes home the gold. I agree with the answer above about the UAE having a big ecological footprint because of oil extraction and desalination of water. There are a lot of things to consider when discussing an ecological footprint.

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