Which country has the largest camel population?



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    You may think Egypt, but you would be wrong. In fact, Egypt is far surpassed by domestic camels by Somalia, and the Sudan. Surprisingly, Australia has the world’s largest feral camel population! They have zero domesticated population, though, and camels are considered pests in Australia!

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    Although most camels live in Africa and the Middle East, Australia has the largest camel population. In  2010, Australia was estimated to have 1.2 million camels. Not native to this land, they were imported here between 1840 and 1907 to provide transportation to the new settlers. Once the railroad system was in place, they were no longer necessary and were set free, where their numbers increased greatly over the years. 

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      What are you peaple talking about you are saying australia has the largest number of camel and saying 1.2 million kkkk you really know nothing about somalia I am from somalia and I used to keep camel I know more about samel in somalia there is more then 8 billion camel in somalia believe me our population is around 10 million and if we take every somali person by 1 camel is enough

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