Which country has the highest gas taxes?



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    California takes the number one spot for the highest total taxes on gas of any of the 50 states. As of January 2008, the West Coast applies 63.9 cents of federal and state taxes a gallon, vs. the national average of about 47.0 cents.

    In the state of California all gasoline has a federal 18.4 cents a gallon tax and the remainder is all state tax. Thus California state tax is 45.5 cents a gallon vs. the average state tax of 28.6 cents. So California gas taxes are 59% higher than the average of all states.  Poor Californians.

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    Germany is the country with the highest gas tax, as of 2008. This question has been asked previously on GreenAnswers, you can see the answer here:

    In 2005 the Netherlands had the highest gas prices with taxes greatly increasing the price of gasoline there. (http://money.cnn.com/pf/features/lists/global_gasprices/)

    For much more on gasoline price disparities between countries, you can read this report: http://www.ifri.org/files/Energie/Davoustang.pdf

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    I believe right now Europe has the highest gas taxes in the world, with Britain leading at 60%. Gas prices have always been high in Europe, fluctuating between $6 and $10, depending on the area. Most of this cost is derived from these high gas taxes that go to the respective European governments. The USA has much lower gas taxes, but it isn’t enough for most Americans. California still reigns supreme as the highest gas tax state in the union in the USA. 

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