Which country has the highest average water bill?



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    I couldn’t find any information on the highest average water bills, but water bills are dependent on the cost of water, which varies from region to region, and how much water is used. For example, Denmark apparently has the highest prices in the world for fresh water, around 6.7 USD per cubic meter. The second highest prices are in Scotland, which is about a dollar less per cubic meter. Mexico offers water at relatively cheap prices, about 6.2 USD less than Denmark’s prices.

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) “has one of the highest water consumption levels in the world compared to Western countries due to climatic conditions and high per capita income.” Tourism and population growth are projected to drive the demand higher.

    In short, the price on the water bill is determined by the cost of water and how much of it is used. A high cost of water will not necessarily give you a high bill if you only use a small amount. Likewise, using a large amount of water will not necessarily give you a high bill if water is cheap in that region. It all depends on these variables.

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