Which country has had the most volcanoes erupt since 2000?



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    Eruptions are not distinct events. Kilauea in Hawaii has been erupting essentially continuously since 1983 – do you count that as 1? If an ongoing eruption stops for two months and then begins again, is that one or two? And if it does that continuously for 10 years, is that 6 per year = 60 eruptions? Or one? There are many other volcanoes such as some in Kamchatka that have also been erupting essentially continuously at least since the 1990s.  Then, there are eruptions and there are ERUPTIONS. Do you want to count an explosive destructive killer volcanic eruption the same as a relatively small outflow of lava, or ash? The latter is pretty subjective.

    Nations with many active volcanoes include the US (Alaska and Hawaii, mostly), Chile, Indonesia, Russia, Iceland, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Colombia, and many others. It is not possible to give a definitive count of eruptions because the definition of “eruption” is subjective.

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    Adding onto rigibson’s answer we must also consider the fact that we are lilly pads (continents) floating on a lake of molten lava as we bash around into one another out of control constantly opening and closing “fishers” that create volcanos. In saying that its never going to be solid answer! 

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      The continents absolutely do not float on molten lava. The substrate is solid; it flows in the solid state; the continents move in the solid state.

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