Which country has had the highest number of swine flu patients?



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    Since being measured, the country with the most cases of swine flu per capita is Iceland with about 28 cases per 1000 people. As for recorded deaths, Brazil has the most with 1638 midway through November. Norway claims the most total cases with over 700,000, yet reports only 23 deaths from the virus.

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    You first have to consider that not all cases are reported (in developing countries for instance) but according to the World Health Organization’s website tracking, H1N1 is now a worldwide epidemic. The link below shows the number of deaths of each country, although they don’t show numbers beyond 101. They do show past weeks, which clearly show how fast H1N1 is spreading. The 2nd link shows that the Americas (North and South) have had the most cases and the most deaths. Check this website for future updates.

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