which country has had the coldest winter in history?



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    December 2010 was the coldest month ever on record in Ireland. Apparently, changes in the jet stream caused this influx of mild and moist weather in the country. Some believe the UK is headed towards a record breaking cold winter, as well, with averages hanging around 32*, not much above the current record from the 1600’s. Many states in the U.S. also hit low temperatures. In Chatanooga, it was considered the 4th coldest winter on record.

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    The continent of Antarctica is, by far, the coldest place in the world, on average (-90 degrees!). Alaska in the US is probably the second coldest “country” on average (-62 degrees!) – but only if the average of Alaska itself is separated from the rest of the US. Alaska would be followed by Greenland (-9 to +7 degrees on average). Check out the link below for a longer list of cold places.  

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