Which country has the best plans in place to produce their energy using renewable sources?



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    I would say Germany.  In a time when most countries are struggling with debt crises, Germany’s got its act together and is well organized and capable of pulling off a major shift to renewable energy.  They are EU leaders in wind power, hydro-power, and biomass production.  Unlike other countries they’re taking bold steps in phasing out and shutting down their nuclear power facilities, partially because of what happened in Fukushima but also partially because they can.  They have other energy resources and are developing other energy resources.  Another thing that is worth mentioning is that Germans are more conservative in how much energy they use.  I’ve had several German friends who were studying or volunteering in America and they often commented that they viewed the American style of life as very wasteful, citing that in Germany they biked more, didn’t use heavy energy consuming machines like clothing driers, and got more of their food and goods local producers.

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