Which country gets the largest percentage of their power from wind farms?



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    Discovery News created a list of the top 10 Countries with the Most Wind Energy. The number one country on their list is Germany. They reported that Germany’s total capacity is 22,247 MW. Europe and America still lead in the race of the most wind energy used but many countries are now building more and more onshore and offshore wind farms.

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    The United States actually uses wind energy most efficiently, followed closely by Germany, India, and France. Germany gets about 10% of their power from wind energy, while India gets about 5%. Interestingly enough, there are states in the US generating between 9% and 15% as recorded in 2010.

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      I believe the answer you’re looking for is Denmark. Check out this link. Denmark produce 680 MW of wind energy per person. The second producer of wind energy per capita is Spain, 444 MW. The U.S. and China may produce a greater total, but Denmark produces more per capita.

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