Which country is doing the best job setting up an electric vehicle infrastructure?



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    Europe, Israel, the U.S., and China are all moving along on this, but the country that might be the most coordinated and efficient is Ireland.  This is partially because of some pre-existing conditions favorable to an electric car infrastructure.  Ireland is small so people don’t have to far to drive and Ireland doesn’t have as much territory to cover with charging stations as oppose to China, the U.S., or most leading European economies which are larger in area.  Ireland also only has one electricity provider (so all stations will be compatible), a deal with Renault Nissan and Mitsubishi that will supposedly ease the process of buying an EV in Ireland, a future as an exporter of wind-powered electricity (which is also being used to supply electricity to the charging stations), and a government goal to make 1 out of every 10 Irish-owned cars an EV by 2020.  

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