Which country do you think has the most responsibility to help the environment?



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    The nations with the largest segment of industry, and consequently the most emissions and land use. That includes established powers like the U.S. and ascending ones like China and India. Other countries can implement policies aimed to protect the environment, but the largest countries must follow suit or the net effect will be underwhelming. I’d also say that countries with unique fauna and flora are obligated to protect those species as stringently as possible.

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    I agree with ajbry.  The top three carbon emitters in the world are China, the U.S., and the E.U. (not really fair to lump them together, but . . .). Together, we produce over half of the world’s carbon emissions.

    We are all nations that have the capacity to change our ways significantly. If we don’t, the other countries who actually do change their ways will have to suffer because of our negligence.

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    Fact: Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden are considered the most environmentally-friendly countries in the world, based onYale’s Environmental Performance Index. Switzerland is #1 mainly because of its’ tough legislation on pollution.

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    Asking which country has the greatest responsibility goes against the spirit that the international community should have when it comes to climate change — the biggest emitters should be leaders, but there should be an overarching sense that all nations are collectively responsible for the state of the environment.

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