Which country do you think has the best plan to phase out gas powered cars?



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    Sweden passed legislation in 2006 to make Sweden oil free by 2020. The country appointed a commission the prior year who brought forth a report and plan of how to make the country entirely oil free by 2020. The commission pointed out that scientists and geologists are predicting that as less and less oil is being found that the world will run out of oil in the future. Sweden wanted to be fully prepared for this to occur without it effecting their economy.

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    As cox01 said, Sweden’s legislation sounds awesome. However, I still think that the old California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandate during the 1990’s was the best because it got auto companies to produce some great electric vehicles. Unfortunately, it was overturned after aggressive lobbying from oil companies in collusion with auto manufacturers. I think that CARB’s plan was one of the best things that California ever did because it was timely and realistic.

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