Which country do you think cares the least about the environment?



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    Well, if you went by the general attitude and practices of the people of the nation, I’d have to say that sadly, I think it’d be America… But there are too many good natured people here who do care about the environment (just many are ignorant of how badly we are #&*%ing it up).  We [if you are an American, like myself] and in a close second, China, do the most harm to the environment. Who “cares” the most can not be figured out for sure? Because you’d have to make some very serious generalizations. I know here in America many, many people care; and many, many people are doing everything they can to protect and preserve and heal the environment. But I also know people who, like my English 405 teach once said, “Could give a *^% about the environment!” (This guy actually told me that my short story [which, I’ll admit, sucked, and had way too much of an agenda about protecting the earth] made him want to go out to a field of fresh wildflowers and throw his diet coke can into the natural beauty!) It all depends on the individual. Luckily his kind will die out (right John Mayer, he who penned, “Waitin’ on the World to Change”) and they will be replaced by those who respect this mother earth which sustains us and provides us with our wonderful, bountiful home. Really, he was just ignorant; or jealous that he wasn’t rising to the call for change; or too brutally honest and mean-spirited to tell me in a nice way that I needed to work on some things before my story was going to work. But hey, at least he inspired in me a passion to move forward, and now that I think of it, I do need to work on that SS some, and get it out there so millions can read it in a format that does not make them want to pollute, hopefully rather it will make them want to do just the opposite.

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