Which country do you feel does the best job with their natural resources?



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    Iceland hands down.

    This country has glaciers, volcanoes, and even waterfalls! Even if the size of this island might be small it is making a big eco-friendly practices.

    They are paying lots of attention on geothermal landscape to utilize clean electricity and heat. The most common source for heat and electricity is hydrogen, and the country hopes to become the first to be entirely reliant on 

    The country has not always been so green, they used to  import coal that supplied 70% of its energy.Now only 18% of Iceland’s energy sources come from coal, the other 82% is  hydrogen and geothermal power.

    Iceland’s minister of industry and energy, hopes to have Iceland carbon and oil free by 2050.

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    i totally agree with Iceland.  88W% of their energy supply comes from renewable energy resources.  66% of that energy comes from geothermal energy. 

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