Which country do we buy the most oil from?



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    We buy most of our oil from Canada, and produce roughly 40% ourselves. Those statistics, however, are constantly changing due to world events, stock prices, and competition with other high consuming nations like China.[img_assist|nid=189298|title=U.S. Oil Production and Imports|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]

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    It is not exactly correct to say “we buy most of our oil from Canada.” Canada is the largest single import supplier, with almost 20% of the total imported. “Most” of our oil is imported from a total of about 5 countries – Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

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    If ‘we’ in the question refers to any country in the world, I will say that some oil producing countries may not need to buy oil from any country except if there are no refineries there. But if ‘we’ refers to non-oil producing countries, each country knows the quantity they buy and it will be difficult to state them here. I think and believe ‘we’ in the question does not mean America only.

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