Which country cuts down the most trees each year?



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    Currently it is uncertain which country is the current leader in deforestation, but Brazil if not the leader is definately one of the greatest threats to trees. The country has managed to shrink the size of its rainforest to less than 5% of what it once was after harvesting over 150,000 square Kilometers between 2000 and 2006. 

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    It has been hard to locate exact statistics on annual deforestation rates for different countries. However, currently it appears that Pakistan has one of the highest annual deforestation rates. Pakistan has an annual deforestation rate of 2%. 

    Another country which has high deforestation rates is Nigeria. In 2005, it was reported that Nigeria’s annual deforestation rate was a whopping 11.1%!

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    Research released by the University of Michigan states that the top seven countries leading the world in deforestation are Russia, Brazil, Canada, the US, China, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their research claims that these countries combined account for more than 60% of world deforestation (it did not specify an order, but Wiki cites an AL Gore book saying that Russia is number one).

    These maps show the rate of deforestation in the US over the last few hundred years.

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