Which country is affected by deforestation the most?



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    The country most affected by deforestation is Brazil. This makes sense because Brazil houses most of the Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest is cut down to make room for livestock. Another reason this rainforest is heavily cut down is to obtain the vast resources that it contains: rainforests are among the most bountiful and species-diverse places on the planet, making them havens for ingredients we use in medicine and food. Trees are also cut down for lumber and paper.

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    There are many countries that have declining forests, most in South America, South East Asia, and Africa. According to treehugger.com, the country to see most deforestation in the last decade does come from South America, but is in fact not Brazil. Between 1990-2005, Honduras saw a loss of about 37% of its forests, and only about 52% of the country’s forests remain. Second and third are Nigeria and the Philippines, losing about 36% and 32% of their forests, respectively. Most of the deforestation stems from over logging, land for livestock, and simple development for housing and townships. 

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