Which countries will suffer the worst consequences from global warming?



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    Though least responsible for global warming, developing nations, particularly island and African states, will likely suffer most. Why? Developing nations lack the resources to effectively deal with the aftermath of global warming, and island states have to deal with rising ocean levels. As a semi-related example, take the earthquake in Haiti; Haiti lacked the infrastructure and economic resources to independently manage a cataclysm. Without the ability to support citizens in the event of a natural disaster, nations leave their inhabitants vulnerable. Citizens are often forced to relocate to refugee camps in other countries, or else risk contracting disease and losing food, water, and shelter without government protection.

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    Developing countries will suffer the most from climate change.From what i see the islands of the south pacific are facing climate change nowadays.for instance,a depression had gone around the pacific in february this year and my country vanuatu has experienced the depression. 

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