Which countries have the worst water policies?



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    Industrialized nations have more of a responsibility to maintain the water quality in their own countries, as well as helping to provide clean water to other nations.  Industrialized nations do not have to pay as much for their water, as they have more resources and more money to establish water treatment facilities and distribution centers.  Developing countires like those in the Middle East and Africa, do not have this luxury. 

    Having said that, I would focus more on industrialized countries that have the worst water qualities, because while they have more access to these water treatment and water protection methods, they do not use them as much as they should and this is a great disappointment.  Canada has no national water policy, and while China is trying to improve its current water policies, it still could be doing more to crack down on water pollution.

    This issue has been discussed on Greenanswers before.  For that discussion, please refer to the attached link.

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