Which countries have increased their CO2 emissions the most in recent years?



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    Although developed countries (sometimes referred to as “western nations”) are still increasing their CO2 emissions each year, it is actually developing nations that are increasing their CO2 emissions the most in the recent years (mainly because the problem is being addressed in the developed nations and we are finally beginning to use alternate methods of energy production—other than fossil fuels!).

    China has begun a huge investment in their economy and thus they need to provide cheap energy to do so. They have built coal factories because coal is the resource which is the most available to them at a low cost. Since coal produces a lot of CO2, and most developing nations are going to be using coal to power their grids, these nations are going to increase their levels of CO2 emission the most:

    The chart makes it clear that the United States, although a huge producer of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, has leveled off somewhat in it’s CO2 emission… The US increased the most after WW2 in the 60’s and 70’s… Whereas steep increases over the past few years can be seen by countries like:

    and even the EUROPEAN NATIONS
    (excluding probably France [nuclear] and Germany [solar/ wind])

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