Which countries have EV charging stations? Who has the most?



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    It’s difficult to know for sure because the landscape for electric vehicles is constantly changing, but I believe the United States is the world leader in EV charging stations, and particularly California, where Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego are especially well-equipped. Surprisingly the US East Coast has very few; there’s only one, for example, in the entire state of New York, and it’s not in New York City. Electric vehicles are catching on in Europe as well. Certainly the UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have them; they are renting electric vehicles to tourists in Cozumel, indicating Mexico has a few; and there is much talk about electric vehicles being all the rage in China by the year 2015, so I suspect there are some there too as of now, probably on a limited test basis. All in all there are expected to be 5 million electric vehicle charging stations around the world within five years. Considering all the interest in electric cars and hybrids of late, this can only be a growth business.

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    Norway has more than 2500 charging points in operation, and more than 3500 EV’s on the streets. most charging points are free to use (parking and charging is free), and also are the majority of EV’s owned by private persons.

    The capital Oslo for example, has more than 500 charging points, where about 400 are on-street shargers provided by the City of Oslo.

    They also have a car-sharing club which consist of only EV’s (Move About).

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