Which countries do you think are most worried about climate change and global warming?



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    I think many countries are conscious of the climate change issue, and I think individual countries have their own worries regarding the situation. However, I think countries that are MOST worried are those that are wealthier and more developed. The reason being is because they’ve overcome the phase of industrializing and realized the damaging consequences that have come to exist. On the other hand, poorer nations aren’t so concerned about global warming or environmental issues because frankly, they’re more worried about putting food on the table and their day-to-day survival. Unless it affects them directly, poorer nations don’t have as much concerns as wealthier nations do.

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    Other countries that should be worried at least are located on low lying islands. If the predictions of the ice caps melting and sea levels rising, places right around sea level have the most to lose. 

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