Which countries are using the most wave power?



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    Wave power is still an emerging source of energy, as the size and force of the waves varies and can cause problems, salt water corrosion is common, and cost-effectiveness is difficult to achieve.  Portugal had a large system in place for a few years, the Agucadoura Wave Park, which operated at a 2.25 megawatt capacity until 2009, when the project was suspended indefinitely.  Other countries that are making serious attempts at developing successful wave power programs are the US, Scotland, Australia, and Spain.

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    Wave power pilot- and demonstration-scale facilities are currently either operational, under construction, or in the planning stages in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, in Portugal, and off the east coast of Africa (see citation #1). It is difficult to say what country is using the most wave power today because it is such a rapidly evolving and emerging market. However, it is believed that the UK has access to the highest quality wave power resource and may ultimately become the largest developer of the technology (see citation #2).

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