Which countries are threatened by desertification?



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    There are several countries that are affected by desertification. Kenya, Mali, Tunisia, China, the USSR, Syria, Yemen and the Sahara are a few areas that have been affected by desertification.

    There are two main reasons for desertification in these countries. First, an increase in population has added increased traffic to the area. Second, draught has made the land drier, which has added to desertification in these countries.

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    Desertification has been most prevalent in Africa, where two-thirds of land space are occupied by deserts. Much of the land is used for agriculture, which makes it prone to desertification, and it is estimated that almost 75% of the agricultural land has been degraded. The United Nations has put together a convention to help combat desertification and its effects on the people in these regions, as well as raise awareness about this serious issue.

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    Such countries as Niger, Chad, Mali Tunisia, Namibia and many others are threatened by desertification

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