Which company offers the cheapest hybrid cars?



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    Honda’s hybrid Insight costs $19,800. Along with Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Saturn, and Nissan all make hybrids around $25,000. For more information, AOL has an article titled “Cheap Hybrids” that you should check out. 

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    Honda appears to be one of the leaders in producing affordable hybrid vehicles. In 2011, the company had on the market three of the top five most affordable hybrid cars in the CR-Z ($19,200), Insight ($19,800), and Civic Hybrid ($23,950). Rounding out the top 5 were the Toyota Prius ($23,050) and Camry Hybrid ($26,575). 

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    To echo jet and edmccoy11’s answers, Honda is the leader, but this year’s model of Honda Insight (2011) is actually listed as $18,200, which is cheaper than the 2010 model.  Of course, that is the base price.  It’s encouraging, though, that prices are going down instead of up!

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