Which company makes the best rechargeable AA battery?



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    It kind of depends what you’re looking for.  The new hybrid Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) cell batteries come fully charged and can last for months (meaning that they would work well in something that slowly drains them like a tv remote). Eneloop by Sanyo, E8GE, and Hybrio by Uniross are all examples of this kind of battery.  But all of these batteries also only have about 2000 mAh (milli amp hour) which is how much energy storage capacity the battery has. The range is generally 1,000-3,000 with 3,000 being the best so if you’re looking for something with more power you might look elsewhere. The IC3 rechargable by Rayovac is another Nickel-Metal Hydride and is able to be charged in 15 minutes if your’e looking to be able to recharge quickly. These are also at 2000 mAh. Duracell seems to have the highest mAh of any Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries at 2650 mAh so these would seem to be the best bet.

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