Which companies have not accepted the green & sustainable movement?



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    Newsweek produces a “Green Ranking” every year, so looking at the companies with the worst ratings might give you an idea of companies that have not joined the green movement or put much effort in embracing sustainability. some of the companies with the worst rankings are Monsanto (agriculture, food production), Peaboby (coal, natural gas mining company), Ameren (utilities), Rio Tinto (basic materials). Check out the following links for more information.  

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    majphan lists a great resource for learning more about which companies or green or not. You have to be careful, because a lot of the time companies participate in “green-washing” where they run marketing and advertising campaigns promoting their environmental efforts, but in reality they are not really producing green products or making efforts to truly preserve the environment. Sometimes companies can boost sales just by saying they have gone green when in reality they have not.

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