Which cleaning products are bad for the environment?



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    Check out http://www.goodguide.com/ for ratings of products that are both good and bad for the environment. You can sort by the level of environmental friendliness. Some of the major brands have the worst scores, while the better ones are smaller brands that specialize in eco-friendliness. I encourage you to patronize these ones.

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    Cleaning products with haevy chemicals are very harful for the enviornment. These cleaning products can give good results but they can badly effect the envoirnment.

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    Toxic cleaning..products with harmful chemicals are very dangreous for the enviornment.

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    Cleaning with hard chemicalsl can effect to envoirnment.I would suggest to use the homemade cleaning products to making the envoirnment healthy and safe.


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    Toxic products are harmful to health. Taking a greener move toward to cleaning can help you feel better physically. You will also likely have greater calmness, knowing you are making a safer environment for your family, yourself and your pets.

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    Toxic cleaning products are bad for the environment as well as your family. It kill dirt but sometimes its harmful effects to you and your family..

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