Which city is the most spread out?



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    Los Angles is probably the single largest, sprawling metropolitan area in the country.  Unlike other major cities that grew upwards, Los Angeles just grew outwards.  The main reason for this is that most people originally moved “out west” because they wanted more space; they wanted to escape the city.  Because of that, development occurred horizontally rather than vertically.  That is one major reason why, unfortunately, most of LA is not readily accessible by an efficient public transportation system like many other major cities are.

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    LA’s population density is about 7544.6/sq mi. It is a fairly densely populated area.

    Chesapeake, Virginia, on the other hand, has a population density of 652/sq mi. Anchorage, Alaska has a population density of only 171.2/sq mi! Anchorage has the lowest population density out of the top 275 largest cities in America. Chesapeake and Anchorage are ranked the 91st and 64th largest cities in America, respectively.

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