Which city has the most bike messengers?



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    There isn’t any reliable means to track the amount of bike messengers per city, but they’re definitely common in New York. This chart depicts the percentage of bike users per city, so perhaps you could make a useful inference about bike usage and presence of bike messengers. Portland, Oregon ranks first – by far – based on the chart, however it’s difficult to know if their city infrastructure and economy requires a lot of bike messengers.

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    It’s also difficult to determine how many bike messengers there are by city because the business is dwindling fast due to the dominance of Internet interactions.  Now, we can take a document, scan it and email it faster than we can send it somewhere by bike.  In the years of 2006-2008, three bike messenger services in San Francisco closed their businesses.  It is probably similar in every metropolitan area, and that was three years ago.  Similarly, in 2008, there were 1,000 fewer bike messengers in New York than there were in 1998.  Clearly, we are relying more on the Internet to help us communicate and exchange documents.

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