which city has the greenest city in the world?



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    It is a matter of opinion. Many many previous opinions in the link.

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    There are varying answers to this question, depending on what the criteria are for “greenness.” Two of the most common answers are Portland, OR in the US and Rekjavik, Iceland. Vancouver Canada has recently unveiled plans to make itself the greenest city in the world by 2020 (http://vancouver.ca/greenestcity/).


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    Looking at rigibson’s link will give you a lot of answers on this question, as it is definitely a popular one on GreenAnswers. I’ve used Grist’s list of the top 15 as a reliable indicator of some of the world’s greenest cities. I find it interesting that the list includes cities from all over the world. To name a few: Portland, Rekjavik, Malmo (Sweden), Curitiba (Brazil), Vancouver, Copenhagen, Chicago, Austin, London, San Fran, Sydney, Barcelona, Bogota, Bangkok, and Kampala (Uganda).

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    The city of Masdar being built in Abu Dhabi is planning on being the first zero-carbon city.  The city will feature compact buildings which shade each other, solar-powered driverless vehicles guided by magnetic sensors, and a desalination plant that is 80% more efficient than the ones in existence today.  It will also host the headquarters of IRENA, or the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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