Which city has the bus system with the worst on-time record?



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    The slowest buses in America are in New York City, specifically Manhattan. In 2008 it was reported that it generally takes longer to take the M15 bus from Harlem to City Hall than it does to travel between New York and Philadelphia on Amtrak! New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is constantly under siege by budget shortfalls and the nightmare transportation conditions in New York, where even driving a private car is difficult, much less a bus. While denizens of other big cities complain about the slowness of their systems–in researching this answer I came across a lot of carping about Boston’s system in particular–New York appears to be unchallenged in the category of worst on-time record. (It’s difficult to find statistics for transit systems outside North America. Rural buses in third world countries are probably much slower than even Manhattan’s, but most of them don’t purport to run on schedule anyway).

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