Which city in Europe uses the most oil?



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    No reasonable answer as there are no statistics for use of oil within a particular city, unless you mean use by city governments which would be a tiny number compared to the use by homeowners and car and truck drivers, which often drive both in and out of a city.

    In general, the answer is easy: the largest population cities, such as London, Paris, Moscow, use the most oil.

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    Actually, by looking at the carbon dioxide emissions of European countries, you can indirectly measure the amount of fossil fuels being consumed. Unlike the United States, many countries in Europe made drastic changes in response to the Kyoto Protocol, and have since been tracking the rate of reduction in their emissons. It’s called the GHG inventory report, and you can find it here: “http://www.eea.europa.eu/pressroom/newsreleases/eu-greenhouse-gas-emissions-more“.

    This latest GHG says that in 2008, Germany and the UK were the highest emissers. More interestingly, look at the reductions! 

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