Which city in Colorado is considered the greenest?



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    There has been some debate about this because Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder are all thought to be green city/ towns. The Daily Beast ranked Colorado Springs as the greenest “city” in Colorado. Boulder has taken a lot of initiative at the municipal level with solar installation, organized composting and self-inflicted tax hikes for an increased carbon footprint, but Boulder has less than 100,000 people which doesn’t qualify it as a city. Also, The Daily Beast’s list quantified eco-friendly attitudes of city populace to measure “green.” According to Daily Beast stats 33% of Colorado Springs residents are “eco-conscious,” 64% of residents recycle, and 0.13% of homes are solar heated. 

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    I live in Aurora Colorado and my opinion is that it is definitely Boulder.  Boulder has recently initiated a system in which the city will produce its electrical power locally by sustainable means.  They did this because Xcel energy is the only other provider available.  Xcel operates a dirty tar sands oil refinery in Commerce City Colorado.  Boulder is also the hub of many environmental non-profits unique to Colorado such as the Center for Resource Conservation with it’s nationally renowned Re-Source Yard.  Boulder was also the city that was chosen as the starting point for the recent 350.org bike protest against tar sands oil.

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