Which lifestyle change is better for the environment: giving up meat or giving up your car?



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    Surprisingly, giving up meat will normally prove to be better for the environment than giving up your car. However, there are other factors involved including how much meat you are eating, what type of meat it is, and how it is raised versus what type of car you are driving and how much. However, for the most part, avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the most significant positive decisions you can make to help the environment.

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    I agree.  And this is something that is particularly important to undersand because as was pointed out, it is surprising. It is easy to target SUV’s and trucks as polluters, but many to do not yet see the connection between meat and the environment, and many others do not want to admit there is one.  The meat industry is a big money making sector, and there are those who choose to ignore it is a problem with it comes to being environmentally friendly.  But it is in fact one of the biggest problems to the environment.

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    Driving and emissions are still a huge problem though. 

    This site has some charts that show how much of each component is admitted annually from different types of cars on average:


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