Which cat can jump the highest?



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    Snow Leopards along with Kangaroos are the farthest jumping animals on the planet. Snow Leopards leap a horizontal distance of up to 50 ft. and vertically they jump up to 20 ft. high. The second runner up in the feline world is the Siberian Tiger, which reportedly has jumped up to a distance of 12.5 feet out of a San Francisco Zoo enclosure.

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    Also a high jumper, the serval can jump up to 12 feet when pouncing on prey.  Being that it is one of the smaller “big” cats, it’s jump is quite great.  Generally growing up to three feet long and two feet high, the serval can jump in the air and clasp its prey of insects or birds in midair with its paws.

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    The highest-jumping domestic cats are Savannah cats, which are actually hybrids created from breeding a domestic cat with a serval. A savannah can jump up to 7-8 feet vertically from a standing position. This experiment is highly technical, but it explains why leaner cats that have evolved stronger hind legs jump so much higher: http://jeb.biologists.org/content/205/24/3877.full. This is why leopards and tigers tend to jump higher than lions.

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    Like mjb3421 states, the Savannah cats are able to jump to big heights, up to 7-8 feet. Here’s a video showing the height this cat can jump. If you want, you can skip to around the 3 minute mark to see how high the cat can jump. 

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