Which electric car has the longest ranger per charge?



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    The electric Volkswagen Golf is said to be able to travel up to 300 km (186 miles) on one charge. This is the longest range per charge for non-sport electric cars. 200 Volkswagen Gulfs were converted from gas to electric by Electric Cars Europe (ECE) for ENEXIS, a Dutch energy supplier.

    As for electric sports cars, Tesla Roadster ended up going 241 miles on a single charge during the Rallye Monte Carlo d’Energies Alternatives. The car was driven by someone who knew how to get as many miles out of the car as possible, but the accomplishment is still worth noting because “if the numbers stand up to official scrutiny, Tesla will hold the world record for the longest distance travelled by a production electric car on a single charge.”

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    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the 2012 Tesla Model S gives you the most mileage on a single charge. It can drive up to 265 miles on one charge. It takes about 12 hours to fully charge. The second best Electric Vehicle of the 2011-2012 models is the 2012 CODA Automotive. It can drive approximately 88 miles on one charge and takes about 6 hours to fully charge.

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